Beverly Meyer is
The Music Lady
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Beverly Meyer is The Music Lady

Welcome to Beverly Meyer, The Music Lady's official website.
We are so glad you came by for a visit. 

Here it is November and my.....where has the time gone?

Thank you for stopping by! We are gearing up for a fun Holiday Season with lots of private venue and preschool visits. You'll find it here first when some public appearances come, for now, they are all private.

For those Librarians jumping on the Summer Reading Program planning, we are glad and honored you thought of The Music Lady. I will have a new show planned for 2014 theme soon. must give my attention to Jingle Bells for a little bit. Trust it will be a fantastic show with the same Music Lady interaction you have come to love every summer. I'm thinking something to do with the Science of Sound to fit with the Fizz!! Bang!! Read!! Stay tuned....

For now, please remember:
The Choo Choo Express is NOW available!!!!
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